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2019-10-15 17:01:51 GMT

So we decided that the most sensible thing to do would be to not go to Vegas. We just caught up on some sleep and had a really chilled couple of days.

It’s a real shame, because Las Vegas would have been fun.

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2019-10-13 09:51:42 GMT

3 12 hour days.
5 shows, 4 of them after midnight,
and one epic show in the main hall.
FAR-West, you were awesome!

Now what should two warn out feathers do? Sleep for two days or go to Las Vegas? #farwestconnects

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2019-10-12 17:20:53 GMT


Everything’s going to be ok because Ray is wearing his lucky socks. 🤞

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2019-10-11 08:22:13 GMT

Just about to play our first showcase at FAR-West… Yes, It is 1:30 in the morning.

Gonna Folk the shit out of this conference. 🤞

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2019-10-09 17:00:15 GMT

Big shout out to our friend Kristine for putting us up, showing us around, and generally just being awesome for our first week in California!

Thank you. We love you! 💓

2019-10-08 06:29:24 GMT

B is for Bongos… On Big Yellow Taxi!

Fun show at The Back Room,”. See y’all next time! 😊

#thebackroomjam #berkeley #california #santacruzguitars

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2019-10-06 19:32:18 GMT

Everything’s bigger in America.

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2019-10-06 17:05:15 GMT

We’ve spent a nice few days chilling in a cabin by the harbour. 😴

Now we’re looking forward to playing our first show in California tonight at The Back Room in Berkley!

And yes, those are zebra’s behind us 🦓🙂

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2019-10-05 07:56:39 GMT

We made it to Santa Cruz! And what’s in Santa Cruz!? @santacruzguitar of course!

Massive thank you to the Santa Cruz Guitar Company for lending us two beautiful guitars for the tour. Such a lovely bunch of people too!

They only make around 400 a year. That’s just how much love, care and attention goes into each one. Stay tuned to hear them in action…

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2019-10-04 16:17:47 GMT

Making our way to Santa Cruz and stopped off in Cambria for some ghost food! 😍


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2019-10-03 16:42:15 GMT

Hollywood!! 😁

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2019-10-03 16:41:08 GMT

Hello LA! You’re quite nice 😁

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2019-10-01 07:09:56 GMT

Gonna miss this little face 😍.

We’ve left him some dog food and a tin opener. He should be fine 😜

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2019-10-01 04:50:26 GMT
Blog Post
2019-09-30 18:32:10 GMT

Target hit. Suitcases packed. Live album CDs ordered. #winningatlife

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2019-09-28 17:54:21 GMT
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2019-09-28 13:28:32 GMT

We’re so very nearly there!! 😃

PRE-ORDER your copy now and help us cover the cost of manufacturing our new album ‘Live at Tradfest’ ☘️

Shipping out on Nov 1st!

👆Link in the bio👆

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2019-09-28 12:07:10 GMT

Coffee with my boys 😍

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2019-09-27 10:17:25 GMT

🎵Woahhh we’re over half way there! 😁🎶

Huge thanks to everyone that has pre-ordered their copy already.
Part of the struggle with being independent musicians is finding the money to fund everything in advance, be it a album release, or a tour.

Pre-ordering your copy will mean we’ll be spending what we’ve managed to save on ‘not dying while we’re in California’ instead of CD manufacture! 🇺🇸😃

👆PRE-ORDER Link in Bio👆

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2019-09-21 15:01:07 GMT

We’re comin’ for ya! 😍

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