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2020-03-31 17:16:48 GMT

In case you missed it earlier…

We’ll be streaming live on our Facebook page this Friday (April 3) at 9pm BST (that’s 4pm EST, 3pm CST, 1pm PST for all those who have asked!). We’ll be playing some songs and answering any questions you might have.

If there’s anything in particular you’ve always wanted to ask us, let us know in the comments below. If the comments feed is anything like our little preview yesterday, we won’t be able to keep up! We don’t you to miss out. ;-)

Donations can be made here:

Venmo: @theblackfeathers

Looking forward to it. Hope y'all can join us. :-)

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2020-03-30 15:40:36 GMT

JFK and BNA Airpots last week…

Blog Post
2020-03-30 13:44:47 GMT

When your friends drop you some food over to make sure you don’t starve. #gettingfatterbythehour

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2020-03-28 14:09:00 GMT

Well that’s our live show buggered for a while…

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2020-03-24 18:28:07 GMT

We made it home! 😁

We are so, so grateful to everyone for their kindness over the last few weeks. When you’re so far from home and things start turning to shit, it gets kinda stressful! People have literally taken the weight off of our shoulders by inviting us into their homes, sending us donations, and sending us their positive vibes.

It really does feel like we have an extended family on both sides of the pond. “Blessed” doesn’t really come close XXX

Big shout out to Dave for giving us somewhere to quarantine for a couple of weeks in Cirencester before we head back to our house and finally get to see our little brown dog. 🖤

We’re planning on getting over our time zone change weirdness and then coming up with a way to move forward.
It’s a difficult time for all musicians and live music lovers right now. We will either find a way, or make one. 🙂

Stay tuned, and be safe.
Love y'all. X

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2020-03-23 21:35:27 GMT

That moment when all the flights back home are cancelled apart from the one you’re supposedly getting on… heart in mouth.

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2020-03-18 18:07:53 GMT

As you might have guessed, the rest of our tour through to the end of April has been cancelled. We’ve been blown away by the amount of people that felt the need to donate their ticket money to us. Your kind support is greatly appreciated. 🖤

We’re currently in Virginia slowly making our way back to Nashville. At the moment British Airways won’t move our flight forward because we weren’t due to leave until May. We’re just hanging out hoping they will eventually give us the option to move it so we can get back to our little dog and wait for this madness to blow over.

Stay safe, wash your hands, stop buying toilet roll you don’t need, and look after each other 🙃

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2020-03-14 21:00:32 GMT

His and hers comfort food and drink.

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2020-03-12 18:41:46 GMT

Thanks for showing up Boston! You were awesome. Huge thanks to our friends Crowes Pasture for letting us share the stage with them 😊

Things are getting a little difficult on the tour front for us in light of COVID-19. We’ll keep y’all posted of any changes to the schedule.

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2020-03-11 16:45:18 GMT

Had some lovely sunny shows on Cape Cod, complete with freshly caught oysters in our tummy boxes. Thanks to all that came out to see us 😁

Next up, @citywinerybos TONIGHT with our friends @crowespastureduo

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2020-03-06 17:32:43 GMT

Had a nice few days off in the middle of nowhere in Pennsylvania. Recouped and ready to rock!

We got back on it with a beautiful house concert in New Haven CT last night. Thanks to all that came out! 🖤

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2020-03-05 02:59:39 GMT

Back on the road this month, headed to some of our favourite places in the USA.

Hope you can come join us. :-)

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2020-03-03 16:04:22 GMT

Shocked to hear about the Tornados that hit Nashville early this morning. 😢

Sending our love and thoughts out to all you Nashvillians. 🖤

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2020-02-25 12:57:01 GMT

Thanks Florida. You were lovely and warm in every way. Looking forward to the next time! 🖤

Today is our anniversary and we’ll spend it in car driving the 12hrs back to Nashville. Expect that’ll feel longer than the last 8 years…

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2020-02-23 16:57:12 GMT

We had fun playing Blue Bamboo Center For The Arts in Orlando last night. 🙂

Heading over to Fort Myers for our next couple of shows. 24 degrees. We’re not complaining☀️

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2020-02-20 14:08:37 GMT

Orlando sucks. ☀️🔥

Our chauffeur for this Florida trip is sitting in the back for a change. 😁

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2020-02-14 17:39:38 GMT

Happy Valentines Day all you Lovers!
Also a Happy Birthday to Ray, couldn’t do it without you… literally. Guitar chords make my fingers hurt. 🖤

2020-01-24 13:15:23 GMT
Blog Post
2020-01-24 10:50:56 GMT

Thank you Switzerland! You’ve been lovely. 😊
And thank you everyone who came out to see us last night at Altes Spital Solothurn. Hope to see you all again soon! 🇨🇭


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